31 Days of Halloween Day 3 – Teen Wolf/Too

If popularity were as easy as they make it in the movies, any kid could have their 15 minutes of popularity.  If a guy really turned into a werewolf – would he suddenly become the most popular guy in school?  Does any of this really matter when Michael J. Fox is… THE Teen Wolf?  And Jason Bateman Teen Wolf Too?

It’s funny how you watch movies over and over again and only still begin to understand certain innuendos only after the 100th time you’ve seen it! The vice principal peed himself when Scott’s father scared him as the wolf when they were teenagers. I never got why they looked down when Scotts father confronted him in the school after the dance. I guess I knew he was growling but I don’t think I ever grasped that they looked down because the principal peed himself again.

Anyway, the classic Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf Too were my choices for day 3.  They may not be scary and they may not be Halloweeny, but they are about a wolf so it works for me!

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