31 days of Halloween/Horror – Day 1

I love Horror Movies.  I have loved Horror Movies since I was a little girl.  I read horror books, watched horror movies and eventually moved on to real life horror stories about serial killers with a fascination for the psychology of it all.  I like the story.  It’s never been about the blood and guts or killings – Its always been about the story.  I’m particular about my horror movies.  I won’t just see a movie because it’s a horror movie – there are a lot of them I’ve avoided for a really long time or haven’t seen.

There are the classic monsters – Frankenstein’s Monster, The Werewolf, Vampire, etc…   Then there are the classic horror movie monsters – Freddy, Jason, Michael.   I have a whole theory on Jason and Michael – It was all about sex. Jason drowned because teens were having sex.  He killed people who had sex.  Michael killed his sister when she was having sex.    If someone would just have sex with them – they’d probably get over it and not kill.     Freddy, on the other hand, was a child molester and had a daughter so he obviously had sex.  If someone has sex with Freddy, he’d still keep killing because it wouldn’t matter.  This is why I love Freddy – he kills out of revenge and out of fear.

So… of course I’m going to start my 31 days of Halloween with my ultimate horror love – A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I could go on for days about the series.  Why I love it, what I love vs what I don’t love, what I admire and don’t even get me started on the terrible remake but I won’t ramble too long.

I love Robert Englund, I love Wes Craven (Rest in Peace dear soul) and frankly I love all of the crazy effects from the 80’s when people actually worked hard to create effects by hands – and I love the stories (mostly).  The first Nightmare on Elm Street is such a classic movie and if you find those things scary, such a frightening movie.

Following the movie, rather than doing the series – I turned on the Never Sleep Again documentary – documenting the entire series. I love the stories behind the movies and Nightmare has so many great stories – it was a make it or break it movie and it made it.  The sequels that came all had  their own place in history – The Gayest horror movie in history, the favorite horror movie and eventually the legacy and monster that Freddy became.

This is how I choose to start my Horror movie Halloween October marathon.

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