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The First Thing You Want to Know…

My Handsome Sleeping Reggie

Point of Interest: My one and only Reggie Cat – RIP 10.09.02 – 12.25.15

My Beautiful Sleepy Tiggs

Point of Interest: Beautiful Boo Bear Tiggs

My Adorable Stanley Spadowski

Point of Interest: Adorably Sweet Stanley Spadowski








Sweet Litte Fluffy Jobin

Point of Interest: Fluffy little Jobin

Little Lady Delilah

Point of Interest: Lady Delilah

Me more recently...

Point of Interest: Me







Just Another Blog on the Internet…

This blog serves as a place for me, the author/blogger/person/entity/whatevs, to write and express myself about whatever random nonsense that I feel like.  Sometimes I’ll write about nothing.  Sometimes I’ll write about my day or my life.  Sometimes, probably often, I’ll write about my cats or movies or television or maybe even music.  Sometimes I’ll write about Los Angeles or food or something.  Who knows.  I’ll be winging it every bit of the way as there is no plan…. This is my life and I live in it and you can read it if you want.

Just Another Person on the Internet…

My name is Rachel but you can also call me Chill.  I’m in my low 30’s, single, and living with three adorable boy cats in Los Angeles, California… so essentially I’m a crazy cat lady. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and moved out here for something different. I don’t know if I found it yet, I’m still working on that.

Here are some factual like things about me…

  • I like animals more than I like humans.
  • I love horror movies but I’m kind of picky about them.
  • I hate Romantic Comedies because they make me jealous.
  • I watch a lot of lame TV and I am not ashamed.
  • I’ll listen to a variety of music but I’m a music snob.
  • I have studied things that I don’t do for a living.
  • I want to do for a living things that I haven’t studied.
  • I actually have no idea what I want to do for a living… I kinda just live each day as it comes.
  • I once made a hate list. It was fun. It got long. I tried to make a “like” list but it was never as successful as my hate list.

Why Am I and This on the Internet…

In 2001, I think, I started so-rad.net and it was just a random blog where I talked about random stuff.  Life got away with me and I felt like I had nothing interesting to talk about anymore so I kinda let it die.  Sadly, my domain name was yanked last year and I can’t get it back unless I want to pay someone a bunch of money to sell it to me.  Everyone wants to make money easy… but I don’t like people who want to make money that way so I’m sad it’s gone but that’s why I bought this domain instead.  Sure, I lost everything from the other site and I have to start new but such is life.  Oh and I wanted to start again because you know… why not.