Day 2 of 31 days of Halloween: Ernest Scared Stupid

I’m participating in watching a scary/horror/halloween themed movie a day every day through October.  It’s pretty tough, because for two weeks I’ll be working an event so I’m hoping to find some 30 minute little tv specials to watch for those days that I can stream before work that morning. Today was Ernest Scared Stupid.

I love the Ernest movies (Well specifically the first 4, Ernest Goes to Camp, Saves Christmas, Scared Stupid and Goes to Jail).  Jim Varney was such a great character actor who played all of these different roles and was often a little dumb but so incredibly loveable.  When I get sad, I still like to sing the “Gee I’m glad it’s Raining” song that Ernest sang in Ernest goes to camp (Which I totally watched after I watched Scared Stupid!).

This week has been rough because I got hit with some terrible sickness that I was out sick for two days and worked from home sick for two days. So I definitely got my fill of some movies these two days.  The first two days I just wanted to sleep!

Ernest Scared Stupid is such a great movie.  I don’t know why the towns people hate Ernest so much, the kids like to hang out with him because he’s got that child like innocence yet the parents don’t want the kids around him.  Sure he screws up and brings the troll back but he also saves the day as he always does because he’s Ernest!   He might be dumb but he had a great heart.

I don’t really have a lot to rumble on about with this one.  It’s a goodie!

I’m also making my attempt at Drawlloween, drawing some original work from scratch – which isn’t really my forte!  We’ll see how well this all works out!

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