Dear cute elevator boy…

I walked into the elevator and pressed floor 4. You followed me in and pressed floor 11. You then asked me what floor I was going to. Being the dummy that I am I thought to myself “why are you asking what floor I’m going to? Duh I pressed 4. If you look you’ll see 4 lit up… So I’m going to 4.” I verbally answered you and Said “four”. Then I questioned… Wait, should I have said 11 too? Were you asking to be a gentleman and press the button for me? Were you asking hoping I’d stay on so we could chat? Did you think I was pretty as I thought you were cute in your flannel shirt and jeans even though it’s warm outside? Oh cute elevator boy I’m sorry I don’t get the cues or read between the lines and didn’t go to floor 11 with you. If our elevator paths ever cross again… I swear I’ll ride the elevator to 11 with you… Forever. Ya know unless you’re crazy or a jerk or something.

The girl who got off on the 4th floor.

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