Friday Reads – Fantastic Friday!

Well – I’m going to start out that Friday was fantastic because I got an amazing job offer for a new job that I’ll start in a week so woohoo!  So today was pretty fantastic!

However, it’s Friday Reads time!

Lifetime Movie network made Flowers in the Attic, Petals in the Wind and now making an If there be Thorns.  After I watched Flowers in the Attic I wanted to re-read the books because I just couldn’t remember the books that well other than the weird incest thing between the brother and sister after being locked up in the attic for years.  I read the first book and second and third (all mentioned above) and the third one got quite ridiculous.  I’ve been stuck on the 4th one, Seeds of Yesterday.  I actually remember now how it ends and maybe that’s why I can’t get through it – but I guess I should finish it up so I can read the final book in the series, Garden of Shadows, which is sort of a prequel to the whole thing.  It’s a pretty messed up series but definitely a classic and good to go back and read if you haven’t read it in years (or… ya know… if you haven’t read them for some reason).

It’s the start of a great weekend!

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