Human Friendly

I am a cat lady.  My boys mean the world to me. But I also have a dog and I love her as well.  Some of the many reasons I decided to get a dog was to get out.  I haven’t been so great at that, but I’m still trying.  The cat lady lazy homebody in me kind of takes over. However, the fact that I have to go on walks, sometimes go out to dog parks with my puppy and could bring my dog to the office, really helped me mentally. However, somewhat suddenly, my job took away the “Dog policy” and made our office “Human-Friendly” as they called it.

I was angry. I am still angry. The reason for the chance, I believe, is because they didn’t know how to just face the problem with some rules and decided to just take it away completely.  It was the way they went about it that really upset me but the reality is, it puts a huge damper on my work life.  Sure, I can leave my dog at home without issues.  I can come home at lunch to walk her and spend time with her, but being at the office was socializing her and socializing me and keeping me happy.  I am not very “human-friendly” and I think taking away the “dog-friendly” office environments makes it anything BUT “Human-Friendly.”

Dogs in the office help you with lowering stress, interacting with co-workers and just genuinely keeping you happy.  Granted, the dog in the office that I believe caused this change did anything but the positive things.  However, this was due to an owner who wasn’t taking responsibility for his dog and treating the office like his own personal doggy daycare. His dog wandered the office whining, causing a ruckus (especially with other dogs) and getting into things he shouldn’t.  Not to mention a number of times his dog peed in the office.   So I understand, his dog was causing more trouble than good.

But what this required was discipline. If we’re going to keep the dog policy, here are the rules.  If the rules aren’t followed THEN take away the dog policy.  Instead, they pretended to have us decide on the dog policy and in turn, use the “anonymous office poll” to be the reason that dogs in the office were completely taken away.

So now one more tick is added to the side of why I’m not happy at the office.  But it’s one tick for my dog, one tick for the other dogs, one tick for how it was handled, and one tick for the fact that I value being open up front and honest.  Four ticks added to the unhappy side.


When it rains … it pours.  When you’re hoping for the best… and all you keep getting is the worst… where do you go? How do you stop the worst from piling up and finding that best?


I wish I knew, because I am not “human-friendly” and a “human-friendly” environment is not for me.

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