I never write… or do… for me

My mom was just here visiting me for 3 weeks.  It was nice to have the company and it was nice to have someone to go out and do things with and in general, go out and do things.  Some of the things are more something we did for my mom than me – like a strawberry festival and a lavender festival – they were enjoyable but probably not something I would have decided to go to.  But it made me realize that I have so many things I want to go do and I don’t… partly because I think about money and partly because I don’t think I’d have fun alone (and I’m always alone) and partly because I’m lazy.  It’s usually one of those things.  But you gotta live right?  You gotta meet people right?  I’m not going to meet anyone in my apartment. I’ve got my boys and my girl and I LOVE when they greet me when I come home, but it was nice to be able to have conversation – well as much as I can have with my mom ha ha.   I need to get back in a groove where I do more stuff besides going to work and going to the movies here and there.   Heck, after dropping her off at the airport today I wanted to go out but my allergies have been awful so I just came home.


Rambles.  Just trying to remind myself to get out and do stuff.  I’m 35.  I’m single.  I’m living a homely boring life.  I shouldn’t be.

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