I’m earning a degree… at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

That’s right! If you didn’t already know, you can enroll in classes at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry Potter is a crazy phenomenon not unlike some of the other phenomenon’s out there. Like many others, I loved the Harry Potter books and movies. I’ve always loved that world and wished I could be a part of it.  My super power of choice has always been teleportation so that Floo Powder/Floo Network would leave no need for that super power. Oh to learn charms and potions and the history of magic…  so having the opportunity to take classes online, I’m in!

At Hogwarts is Here, you don’t get sorted via the sorting hat, you just pick your house and go!  Well, I’ve always been fickle with the house I belong to so I wanted to get it right.  I decided on my house by going to Pottermore and going through the enrollment process.  I started out with 500 galleons in my Gringotts Vault and boy was I glad someone in the wizarding world thought of me and left me some money.  I found this adorable Siamese cat to get as my pet and named her appropriately SiAm (after Si & Am from Lady and the Tramp).  Next, the Wand picked me and I got a beautiful wand of Pear with Dragon Core, 12 1/2 inches… it’s surprisingly swishy…

Finally, I went to the Great Hall to be sorted.  Dun Dun Dun…I am Hufflepuff.

Just like the way your wand chooses you, you answer a series of questions on Pottermore and they ask that you just answer them honestly.  So I did… I went with the words or images that most appealed to me.   They have a beautiful introduction about your house…and now I know, I’m a hufflepuff.  More on Pottermore later… back to enrollment.

In my vault at Gringotts – though I didn’t spend it all – I somehow now over at Hogwarts School have only 101 Galleons, 7 Sickles, and 4 Knuts.  I joined a Dorm, I went Random since I don’t know anyone else yet… and then I enrolled in my course…

Every course offered at Hogwarts is 9 weeks (lessons) long, and each has its own lesson content, books required, assignments, tests, essays and final exam.

As a first year, you will be enrolled into the following courses:

• Astronomy
• Charms
• Defense Against the Dark Arts
• Herbology
• History of Magic
• Potions
• Transfiguration

I figured, go big or go home… so I’ve enrolled in the maximum 7 classes for First years… all of the above.

Ahh… I feel so accomplished to be going back to school.. to be a part of something.  I know I’m behind – Classes started April 2nd and Pottermore has been around for a long while…

But better late then never right?

On Pottermore I am: MoonstoneSpirit10893

In my Hogwarts classes I am: Chilleff

Find me if you’d like.

Oh and if you aren’t already a part of Hogwarts is Here… another reason you should join is you get a fancy schmancy acceptance letter just like Harry did at the Cupboard under the Stairs.

Off to my classes! This will be fun.


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