Live Blogging: MTV’s the Challenge Episode 3 “The Replacements”

Warning: The below is a bunch of rambling in written form that I will do while watching MTV’s The Challenge Rivals II.  This is not an accurate representation of my writing skills as this is quite literally brain vomit that happens while watching a show I love so much.  Please do not hold it against me and please review my writing portfolio for an accurate representation of my writing.


I always appreciate the recap of last week, because sometimes I actually forget what happened.  I LOVE Leroy, so I was sad he was sent home.  Super disappointing. I did not really care for any of the teams up for elimination so whatever, rookies got sent home – big surprise.  They will be back.

Oh Ashley.  Oh Alcohol. Oh Drama.  I swear I forgot about her on the Real World but she was definitely crazy.  First, she gets drunk and she’s upset that people are talking about it and then she’s drunkenly crying over Jamie.  I told you Jamie… Don’t have sex with the crazy!  I loved you so much last season Jamie, what is going on… Camilla is the voice of reason!

“I go to the bathroom to pee not to be confronted that I kissed some prison guard!” bahahahaha… Nicole. Oh Smashley, you’re lucky you got the awesome little Cory there for you.

The Onions commercial is so ridiculous.

“Jamie what’s wrong” uh… you crazy.  “I feel so alone in this game  I don’t need you guys”.  Oh alcohol and hormones. When I was younger I used to always say I wanted to be on the Real World but I would never be interesting enough because I would not be doing any of these over dramatic ridiculous things.

Enough behind the scenes… Let’s get to the Challenges!!!!  Yes Simone, Ashley is crazy and Jamie is awesome and he’s thinking with his peter.

TJ!!!!  I swear, TJ is what makes this show so amazing.


Replacements?…. AHHH COMMERCIAL.  This is what I hate about watching this show live instead of recorded on my DVR.

Are you the one? I can’t wait until this new season starts.  Seems like they may have cast a few older people but then there is so much drama!

Um. Yeah. Commercials.

The replacements since Leroy was hurt and left the show were Amanda and Nelson from Are you the One?  Wah Wah Wah… anti climactic.

The winners of the Jungle now choose the order for the next challenge so surprising they just made all of the new rookies go first.  This challenge just looks ridiculous – They’re grinding this soap thing pole to find numbers and hang up tshirts.  I remember another Rivals challenge where they had to smother each other in honey, they do like making these sexual. I wonder if they had a porn editor edit these clips….

Oh Wes and your PSA about looking like you’re having fun.

Seriously…. whoever edited this should make porn if they aren’t in it already.   I can”t even watch this anymore…. I FEEL dirty with their soap grinding.

Big Surprise…  There is a big surprise around every corner. The new people get to take two other groups on a trip even though they lost?  TJ is certainly up to something!

Wait so what – they really get a good night out and they really get a cancelled elimination and TJ is throwing them a house warming party?  What in the world is going on in the Challenge house.

Blah blah drama drama.

and that was the end of the episode.

I don’t know what Simone’s weird attraction is to Wes…. but until next week.

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