Sightings: Menchies & Circus Liquors

On the Season Finale of Parenthood that aired last night (4/17/14) after Victor gives his speech at school Joel and Julia take him and Sydney to Menchies for some brain freeze frozen yogurt.  That Menchies happens to be one I’ve been to, I think the only one that I’ve been to, in Sherman Oaks.  You can see out the window the Great Greek restaurant that is right across the street.

I always find it fascinating when movies or TV or even commercials are filmed around here – I mean it’s Los Angeles and it’s common but being from Baltimore I’m just used to seeing Baltimore in a John Waters flick or maybe a movie here and there (Diner… Twelve Monkeys) so it’s still neat to me.  But I also find it interesting how they’ll change something up here and there just because of whatever.  On parenthood, if you watch, when they open the door you can see a street sign for “waley”.  There is no Waley street where that Menchies is located.

There’s also this commercial I see all the time for anti-cigarettes.They filmed it at the Circus Liquors that is infamous for being the place in the Valley where Cher was mugged in Clueless. It’s called Circus Liquors and there is this big neon clown that is pretty hard to miss.  So this commercial for anti-cigarettes shows the big neon clown but it says “Circus Jiffy” instead of Liquors.   I took a picture of it a while ago while driving past it – it’s not a great photo but whatevs.    It’s still neat to see places around my neighbor in movies and tv and junk.

Circus Liquors



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