May the Fourth… be with you!

Ahhh, May the 4th.  Star Wars Day.

I have to admit that I’ve never seen Star Wars Episodes 1 – 3 and it’s actually been a few years since I’ve seen episodes 4 – 6.  I wanted to watch the first couple episodes but it always bugged me that the technology would be all crazy like and that the original episodes would be all crazy behind in technology. Then time got away from me and years passed and I just never saw them.  Lately, I’ve been wanting to see them but you can’t easily stream them anywhere and I’m not a big fan of borrowing stuff so I figure I should buy them but ya know.. I will eventually.

Since I don’t have the Star Wars movies to watch, I decided to celebrate the Fourth with the Ewok Adventures, because I do have the DVD with Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor.

Watching it made me reminisce on the technology.  How … well, terrible it is compared to now. For instance, the Ewok’s eyes don’t move at all.  They’re stationary.  They also don’t give much personality to their faces – other than a slight movement in the mouth.  You’d never know whether or not they’re going to come after you and eat you.

At the same time, I love it because it brings back memories.  I always remember when Wicket learns to say Star Cruser Crash… and then I watched Battle for Endor a bunch of times as a kid.  I always loved Wicket and Teek, they were adorable. Plus it’s so similar to so many movies back then… the bad guy in Battle for Endor always reminds me of the Skeksi’s from Dark Crystal.

So I guess it’s not as a good as a Star Wars marathon, but hey at least I got a little Star Wars action for the holiday.

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