Movie Mania 3/4 – 3/7

Boring short intro:

I love movies.  I love movies.  I LOVE MOVIES.   I watch them a lot. I especially tend to binge watch them.  Movie Mania is when I binge watch movies (Not to be confused with Netflix with Chill, which will be binging on something Netflix/Finding a random movie or so on Netflix).

This weekend they were calling for rain – rain and thunderstorms and I was SO EXCITED.  I thought for sure I’d have guilt-free lazy time to lay around and watch movies.  However, it’s always sunny in Los Angeles as the rain was short lived late Saturday night, Non existent on Sunday and an amazing Thunderstorm woke me up this morning but ended soon after.  But you know what – Did I care? NOPE.  I still watched a bunch of movies!  Here’s some quickish reviews of all the movies I watched the past few days!

The Movie List:

  • Her (Recorded a long time ago on some movie channel and avoided watching until now)
  • San Andreas (Record 3/3 on HBO)
  • Ted 2 (Rented from RedBox)
  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (Rented from RedBox)
  • The Visit (Rented from RedBox)
  • Dead Pool (Movie Theaters (I know – I’m behind the times))
  • Minions (Rented from RedBox)
  • The Good Dinosaur (Rented from RedBox)
  • Miss You Already (Rented from RedBox)
  • Spy (Recorded 3/5 on HBO)

Reviews and junk after the Jump!

Her: Now, I know Her came out a long time ago – and I recorded this on TV a LONG time ago.. I’ve just been avoiding watching it.  Why? I just kind of figured that I needed to be in the right kind of mood to watch this movie and I never really got into that mood I guess.  Until Friday! I finally decided to suck it up and watch the movie.

I love Lars and the Real Girl, not just because of Ryan Gosling but because it’s a brilliant movie.  As someone who looks like I might be outgoing (and I have some outgoing tendencies I guess) but is not really at all, I could relate to the introverted and awkward Lars – though I don’t think I’d have a relationship with a Real Doll.  I loved the concept of someone forming this make believe connection with a Real Doll and having friends and family all participate and accept it – even if it’s a little strange – but because in the end, it’ll help him find his way out of his introversion and into the real world.  I appreciated that it wasn’t sexual in nature but more psychological in nature.

With that said, Her had elements of being psychological in nature but then they had sex… and that was awkward.  Like, I felt like I had to close my curtains and turn down the TV and make sure that no one knew what I was watching because it was THAT awkward.   Overall I enjoyed the movie and it is a very accurate depiction of the world – that we have better relationships with technology than with humans and that technology is becoming so advanced, it could be a friend.  Take the sex bits out and I’d enjoy it a little more.  It was also a little long – there were a few points where I was ready for the movie to be over – and I could have had more Alien Baby.

I’m not ashamed I waited so long to watch it, but I’m glad I finally did.

San Andreas – I saw this was on so I set it to record and unlike some of the movies that have been waiting and waiting and waiting – I watched it shortly after recording it.  I had heard that it wasn’t good but as I put it to someone else – It’s no Twister or Volcano (Disaster movies I can watch over and over)  but it is more like The Day after tomorrow – a decent enough movie but with a disaster I do not need to watch again.  It also got me thinking about how I hope I am not around if any of these freak disasters ever do happen!  Or … if I am around, can the Rock be around to save me too!?

I don’t know that I really have anything else to say about the movie – it was a decent enough movie that made you freak out a little living in California and hope that never happens!

So it was supposed to rain all weekend and I rented Ted 2, Scouts Guide and the Visit from RedBox at one time.  It didn’t rain long, but I movied it up anyway.

Ted 2 – Seth MacFarlane is weirdly attractive and relatively funny.  I saw Ted in the theaters and I remember thinking things were funny that the rest of the crowd didn’t think was funny and vice versa.  I enjoyed it – so I wanted to see Ted 2, but it didn’t have the same oomph as the first.  I would say I had two good laughs out loud – one of which was in the trailer but still cracked me up.  I liked the movie and all, but it was just kinda meh.  Maybe if someone better than Amanda Seyfried was the lawyer…

and that’s all I have to say about that.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – This movie was… well not quite hilarious but pretty great. It’s not one of those great movies but it’s a fun movie and it’s funny and it made me laugh and that’s what it was meant for right?  I’d be critical and say that they didn’t really use many scout techniques to survive the zombie apocalypse but I mean, an old lady lost her dentures and then gummed the kids butt… How can you not love that part of a movie!  Plus, honestly – I love me some Zombie Strippers and this had slight Zombie Stripper essence in it!  It’s definitely worth watching for some good laughs.

The Visit – I wanted to see this movie in the theaters but it wasn’t there very long. Now I kind of know why.  One, I’m not a fan of found footage movies (I think because of how awful Blair Witch was). Also. normally there is some twist you just didn’t see in the end of M. Night’s movies but this one was a pretty obvious twist.  Sundowning is a real thing and they were even going to call the movie that originally (So I read) but it was obvious this was more than sundowning and it was also obvious that it was… well, I don’t want to reveal the ending but let’s just say the plot twist was not really much of a surprise.  I was kind of disappointed and really surprised it was actually well reviewed.

Dead Pool – I Love Marvel Movies. I Love Ryan Reynolds. Any movie that shows Ryan Reynolds nude is a good movie in my book.  This movie was hilarious and Ryan Reynolds was perfect to be Dead Pool.  I don’t know that there is actually much else to say about the movie other than it was fantastic.

Minions – The Despicable me movies were great and the minions are cute and funny so I really expected to enjoy this but I don’t think the minions were as enjoyable in a stand alone movie – which seems so weird.  It was cute and if I had a kid, I’d definitely be okay with them wanting to watch the movie over and over, but I still much rather enjoy them as sidekicks rather than having a movie to themselves.

The Good Dinosaur – This movie was adorable.  It’s no surprise being that it was a Disney Pixar movie and they’ve never failed at producing greatness.  I loved the twist on the “a boy and his dog” story with the human being the dog and the dinosaur being the boy.  It had it’s sad moments but it was incredibly sweet and really well written and I can’t say much more than I loved it and I need to own it so I can watch it again and again.  I really really loved this movie and would totally recommend everyone to see it.

Miss you Already – I adore Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette.  This was a story about friendship and how two people can have such different lives but find the common ground of love and respect for each other.  It also shows how loss can really impact everyone’s life and yet bring people together too. If you’re okay with a sweet tear jerker about friendship and love and growing up and moving on… give this movie a shot for sure.

Spy – I don’t understand why Melissa McCarthy has to continue to do the physical slapstick comedy, but I generally like her movies.  She’s always this sweet misunderstood lady who is overlooked because of how she looks, which is funny because Melissa McCarthy is never overlooked anymore and she’s always funny without having to fall over or have a pie slammed in her face.  But this movie had a decent supporting cast of well known action actors and it was enjoyable.  Not her funniest, but not her worst either.


—- Note to self, I need to write these reviews during or right after watching them because seriously … It’s so much hard when you do it five days later.

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