My Cat(urday) From Hell…

There is a my cat from hell marathon on animal planet and the new season starts tonight. Guess how I’m spending my caturday! I may not even get out of my pjs.

End of the marathon edit:

A day of My Cat from Hell is amazing. I did get out of my pj’s but never even put on makeup so I think it was a good trade off. My favorite thing to see in My Cat from Hell, outside of the happy cute cats, is the people who are so dead set on their cat being in their life that they are willing to risk any of their friendships or relationships for their cat.  That’s amazing to me.  If I were to ever have to choose between my cats and… just about anything else in life… I would choose my cats first and I appreciate seeing other people who feel the same way.  Also, I’m always super jealous of all the cool cat trees and junk that they get.  I wish my cats were hellish sometimes just to get free cool cat trees from that show.

Ps.  This is from Tiggs:

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