My Whole30 Experience – The Day Before

Last year I started my health journey, I guess you could say.  I went to an annual checkup and found that I weighed more than I’d ever weighed before and was over my ultimate “no-no” number.  I was 206. I never wanted to be over 200.  Immediately I freaked out and I joined Weight Watchers and started changing my diet and cutting out carbs and I lost close to 40 lbs in about 6/7 months. Then, I needed to have a hysterectomy and lost another pound just by getting rid of my ginormous fibroid-filled uterus.  I’ve been maintaining my weight around 170ish and I’d still like to lose at least 15 – 20 more pounds, though overall I’m contented with my health journey and where I am now.

I’ve been wanting to do Whole30 for a while.  I find it interesting and I am curious to see if there are any little issues I may have that could be resolved with Whole30 and I’d just like to see how it makes me feel – maybe I’ll lose a little more – maybe I’ll learn to eat a little better, etc.

So far, just in creating a menu plan and going out shopping for the first week or two – the first thing that stands out to me and is super eye-opening, is seeing just how much sugar is unnecessarily in foods.  Things I will have to give up for 30 days?  Turkey bacon and Turkey Sausage as I’ve yet to find any that do not have sugar!  I don’t eat pork, plant-based had sugar, and vegetarian was made with soy.   Otherwise, we (because I’m doing Whole30 with my dad) were able to find just about everything else we wanted or needed and it was Whole30 compliant.

Starts tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

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