Netflix Binge Watching: Fuller House

Today marks the day many of us kids from the 80’s have been waiting for!  Fuller House is available on Netflix!  13 Glorious Episodes with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler plus guest appearances by most of the people we wanted to see again from the original series: Danny, Joey, Jesse, Rebecca, Nicky and Alex and even DJ’s old boyfriend Steve is back! Like so many of us, I was super excited to see it so what better way to watch then binge watch the entire season in one sitting!

The pilot episode is fantastic.  It’s a series reunion for those of us who never got a series finale and we learn what became of the family who welcomed us into their already full house each and every week.   You know, something I still repeat to myself to this day is “Double the C, Double the S and you’ll always have Success!” This was a mnemonic device that Danny Tanner taught Stephanie when she was trying to beat another kid in a spelling bee – in an classic turn of events Stephanie lost because she never learned a mnemonic device for mnemonic – yep there’s a silent M in the front!

Spoilers below.

We learn that Danny is now married, though that’s kind of a minor point.  Becky and Uncle Jesse are still happily married and never had any other children after Nicky and Alex, who are now surfer boys in college. Danny and Becky are moving to LA to start their nationally syndicated show, Wake up USA.  Side note: this is slightly unrealistic since we all know that nationally syndicated news is usually in New York.  Uncle Jesse will be working as a composer for General Hospital.  Joey is still performing comedy (and still loves Hockey)  in Las Vegas – There’s no mention about whether he married or had kids.  I read somewhere that there was a spoiler that he did but if they mentioned it, I missed it and I watched the pilot twice.

D.J. has turned into a mother of three who is a veterinarian and recently lost her husband who died doing his job as a firefighter.  They had three little boys, seemingly around the same age as D.J, Stephanie and Michelle when they lost their mom.  Dun Dun Dun.   Stephanie travels all over the country and still dances and sings and she’s a DJ, known as DJ Tanner.   We learn that Michelle is busy running her fashion empire in New York and can’t show up for the going away party…. in fourth wall fashion.

Kimmy Gibbler is still around too.  Apparently she married her Latin lover but is in the process of getting divorced and has a 12 year old daughter (age isn’t mentioned, but later she has a 13th birthday so she’s apparently 12.) Her Latin lover is still in love with her, even though he’s apparently also a cheater.  These characters – the latin lover and half latin daughter, seemed like they were thrown in there to add some diversity.  In the second episode, Ramona – Kimmy’s daughter – goes on to talk about how “white” the Fuller family is (oh yeah, D.J. Tanner-Fuller, hence Fuller house because they’re the Fuller family…. but still Tanner because she hyphenated her name).   In the original full house there was some diversity within the friendships of Stephanie and Michelle but I guess they wanted some obvious diversity right away.

We even see Steve show his face again, D.J’s High school boyfriend and a diamond in the rough (ya know, cause he was the voice of Aladdin).    He’s a podiatrist living in the area still, divorced and still loves DJ. Will they get back together?

As Danny is getting ready to sell the house, D.J is realizing that everyone is leaving her (she’s been living with Danny for the last year) and she’s now going to be alone with her three boys and is overwhelmed.  The family hears her crying to her infant son and Stephanie and Kimmy decide to help out and Danny gives her their family home.

It was a great reunion and finale all mixed into one and spectacular that all of the original actors reprise their roles – even Nicky and Alex.  I remember there being some controversy as to why Mary Kate and Ashley didn’t reprise their roles as Michelle, but I don’t think we missed out much not seeing them and they still mentioned them so it’s not like she was killed off.

There are a lot of nostalgic moments and memories and it’s a satisfying first episode and definitely one to make me stick to the binge and continue watching.

The first few episodes after took me by surprise because I just wasn’t feeling it.  There were some nostalgic moments (Dirty Dancing references and old Full House references) but there wasn’t a lot to the story.  Not that Full house ever went full on cliffhangers too often and even their conflicts were always handled by a hug, they threw in some random moments here and there but they never really mentioned them again.  For instance, we learn that Stephanie cannot have children and didn’t really care until she fell in love with helping D.J’s children.  We learn that Kimmy is upset that she flipped her daughters world upside down with the divorce and that her husband is a cheater.  Yet Kimmy and the husband get back together by the end of the season and Stephanie never mentions children again.  Stephanie then talks about her husband Harry, which is a throwback to a full house episode but when Harry shows up, it’s not the original Harry and I wonder if it was even worth bringing up his character.

Somewhere along the way though I fell back in love with the show.  There are still moments I don’t get.  They throw Steve in there being in love with D.J but then also throw in a new co-worker who she wants to date but then she’s dating both of them and then isn’t sure she’s even ready to date. Stephanie introduces a boyfriend that she breaks up with in the same episode (Over baseball, which if I remember correctly, is when she got her first kiss – when she beat her boyfriend in a softball game).  In addition to hugs they seem to dance and sing a lot.  I guess Jesse did the singing, but now they dance too.  However, I think there was enough nostalgia and enough love for the relationship between D.J and Kimmy and Stephanie (The Girl wolf pack) that it drew me in and made me stay through until the end.

The kids, I’m not so sure how I feel about their characters.  D.J’s oldest, Jackson, seems like he’s a sweet boy but they don’t really stick to a personality.  Him and Ramona don’t like each other yet only three episodes in he’s helping her get out of school (failing but still). Another episode he lies a lot and he’s hanging out with a bad kid (His Kimmy Gibbler as he describes it) yet we never see that kid again. He starts calling himself J Money somewhere down the line and is in love with a girl in his school who happens to be Ramona’s friend (Eventually) and it seems like his catch phrase is “Thats how you do it” or something like that when he thinks he’s getting somewhere with a girl.

The middle kid, Max, starts out in the first episode as being a clean freak like Danny but never really does that again. They try really hard to make this kid cute and gave him “holy chalupas” as a catch phrase – I guess since Stephanie and Michelle had catch phrases, they wanted these kids to have them too.

Speaking of catch phrases, Joey still has his woodchuck and cut it out… Jesse still says his “Have Mercy” and even Stephanie still says “How Rude” (With some throwback mentions of Michelle’s catch phrases).  They try to give D.J “Oh Mylanta” since they try to make her kind of like that uncool mom. Stephanie is the cool aunt, she’s basically Uncle Jesse and Kimmy Gibbler is still classically Kimmy Gibbler.   Nothing else to say about that.

Overall the show was not the original full house but definitely a good throw back show and something I’d like to see more from – Even if some of the choices made with character personalities and storylines weren’t all there.

I’m sad my 13 episodes have been watched.  Now maybe I need to go back a re-watch full house!

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