New Feature: Stuffed!

I am a 33 year old woman who has way more stuffed animals than probably necessary but I love Stuffed Animals.  They’re cute and soft and fluffy and all stuffed with goodness. Most of my stuffed animals are from movies or sentimental to me for one reason or another so I figured I would start a little feature where I would share one of my stuffed animals!

It’s silly, but I was recently looking online for groups of people who still have a bunch of stuffed animals but all I could find were articles on how “science explains why sleeping with stuffed animals is a good thing” or the people who have sexual feelings toward stuffed animals – nope not what I was looking for at all!  I just wanted to find other people who, not only have a childhood stuffed animal here and there but still enjoy buying animals here and there.  Not just a collector of one thing but a bunch of different ones.  Since I couldn’t find anything I just figured I would share my own little collection here and there.

My first Stuffed Animal is the most famous one.

Beary – Heart to Heart Bear


I’ve had Beary since I was about 3 years old.  I am not sure who gave her to me or whether it was a gift for my birthday or not, but I’ve had her for most of my life.  Throughout my childhood and teens she was my sleeping companion.  When I was a kid they used to sell little girls nightgowns with matching gowns for stuffed animals and dolls (anyone remember that!?).  Somewhere in time I lost the original nightgown and hat that Beary came with and I have just always kept her in the Beary Sweet nightgown that matched one I owned as a child.  Obviously, I named her Beary because she was a Bear and I thought it was cool the nightgown said her name too.  Oh the brilliance and creativity of childhood!

Beary is a Heart To Heart Bear.  This was a bear that was soft and fluffy and inside had a battery operated plastic heart that beat whenever you hugged her.  As you can see, my bear is super old and super cuddled so her soft and fluffy nature has kind of dissipated.  There is not a lot of historical information (ahahaha) about this bear on the Internet, but here In The 80’s captures a brief with user stories and pictures.  They actually have some pictures showing the fluffy original bear in the box with the nightgown.  I guess, Heart to Heart bear was always intented to be a sleep companion.

I remember when I was a kid, I would wake up in the middle of the night because I would feel the heart beating and it would freak me out, but I loved her anyway.  There was also a time that I got really sick – all over beary – and my dad threw her in the washing machine.  Unfortunately, he forgot to take out the heart and it broke.  Well, it still works but the part you push in to feel the beating fell out.  At least, I think it still works.  Since the heart beat kind of freaked me out and woke me up, I never really bothered putting batteries inside.

Here you can even find a YouTube Video of a commercial for the Heart to Heart Bear (with a great song) from 1986.  It’s funny because the commercial refers to the bear as being a boy, but she’s always been a girl to me!

I’ve never really thought about whether I would pass Beary down to my kids if I have any but I would like to think that I would – because she brought me a lot of joy and I still love having her around so I would hope she continues to bring joy to any child that I may have!

and here ends the first episode of Stuffed! ha ha.

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