Not so Liveblogging: MTV’s The Challenge Rivals III – Episode 1

Warning: The following is a series of convoluted thoughts and reactions that come to my brain while watching MTV’s the Challenge Rivals 3. The following is not an accurate depiction of my writing skills as it depicts a lack thereof.  Instead, this is simply an accurate depiction of thoughts that go through my brain.

I LOVE MTV’s the Challenge.  I have been watching this show since it was the Real World/Road Rules challenge and hosted by Johnny Moseley and even when it was hosted by various cast members.  I LOVE This Show.  Each season I would think about how some of my favorite cast mates had “Retired” and it wouldn’t be the same but more and more cast members would come on that I adore.  Generally speaking, I watch the Real World just so that I can know any of the cast members who end up on the Challenge.   I’ve missed a handful of Real World seasons because I just couldn’t force myself to watch it but I still always now 98% of the cast mates.  There are a number I wouldn’t mind never seeing again and there are quite a few I’m sad they haven’t come back, but regardless of the cast mates – I LOVE this show.

I like to stay “blind” until the show comes on, so I don’t check on who is coming back or any of the pre-show drama. So, until the first episode airs, I have no idea who is on the cast list except what I have seen in previews.  Tonight, I was busy watching the Washington Capitals unfortunately lose another game to the Pittsburgh Penguins but once it ended, I switched on the challenge and realized in all of my excitement, I should write about this!

So, I’m going to watch and write about it as I watch it. At least watching it on my DVR means I can fast forward through all the commercials!

and here we go….
{Presses Play}

So, They have to jump out of a plane to start the challenge?  Will we be coming back to this?  Or was this just… the way they started? What an odd start!

Oh wait…17 hours earlier.

Annnnnnd we meet the cast…

  • JOHNNY BANANAS <3 He’s one of my favorites, I will be devastated when he “retires”.  Please don’t retire Johnny, keep playing until you’re old and gray!
  • Camilla, I’m a fan. I mean, I am always aligned with the vets and generally the “most hated” players.  Camilla is a little nutty but she’s fun.
  • Johnny, he’s one I still don’t know all that well. I never watched his Real World Season and I don’t know, I guess I blank him out of the challenges he’s been on.
  • Nany is another one that I missed her Real World season and while I know her pretty well now from the challenges, I’m always kind of meh about her. Take her or leave her, doesn’t matter much to me.
  • Christina, She was annoying on Are you the one? She didn’t last long on the challenge.
  • Briana, I don’t even remember her from Are you the One? So uh… she’s, memorable huh?    You are not the one.
  • Sarah – I always want to like Sarah but she has kind of always bugged me because she just does stupid things. For one, on her Real World season she was like a Lesbian and then that sort of disappeared after Real World – oh and remember that was when MTV went Transgender, before Transgender was cool.
  • Wes – I Love/Hate Wes. He’s hilariously awful.
  • Ashley – Did not watch her Real World Season, she’s new. We’ll see.
  • Kellyanne – Oh Kellyanne. I love/hate her in a different way then Wes.
  • Jessica – She’s another one that I kinda never really pay attention to and didn’t see her Real World Season.
  • Avery – And again, Do not know her Real World Season… and kinda meh about her when she’s been on Challenges.
  • Brandon – Vaguely remember him from Are you the One? He’s a Rookie.  Who Cares.
  • Dario – Is A tool. Has been since his Are you the One? Season.
  • Nate – ALSO A tool. Are you the One? He was lame.  What a rookie.
  • Cheyenne – I loved her on Are you the One? So excited to see what she can do on the Challenge.
  • Cory – I loved him on his Real World Season and I love him on the challenge.
  • Thomas – I loved him on The Real World, I hated him on the Challenge so maybe he can redeem himself this time around.
  • Devin – He was a douche on Are you the One? But like…. A likeable Douche. So excited for him.
  • Simone – I enjoyed her on Are you the One? So excited for this one too.
  • JAMIE <3 <3 <3 – He was from CaraMaria’s Bloodlines on the Challenge and I LOVED HIM. I’m so so so happy that they brought him bac for another challenge.  I was hoping they’d offer it up to some bloodlines.
  • Vince – Even though he was Johnny Banana’s cousin on Bloodlines….I gotta admit I didn’t care for Vince. So I’m kind of Meh about this.
  • Leroy – He’s another one that I never watched on his Real World Season but I freaking LOVE him on the Challenges. YAY Leroy.
  • Tony – Annnnd yet another one that I don’t know from his Real World. Annnnd I don’t particularly care for him.
  • Nicole – Mehhhh Nany’s Bloodline. I wish her makeup was better.
  • Jenna – YAY OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE JENNA. Loved her on Real World.  Loved her on the Challenges.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So let’s break this down.


  • Johnny Bananas
  • Camilla
  • Cory
  • Cheyenne
  • Devin
  • Simone
  • Jamie
  • Leroy
  • Jenna
    • And maybe…
      • Wes
      • Kellyanne
      • Sarah

And I’m pretty Meh about all of the rest of them.    That’s a pretty good chunk of people to make it to the end.  So let’s get to it.  Now they’re going to party and then jump out of a plane.

Oh the rookies are already talking an alliance.  Ohhhh and there’s already drama. Brandon doesn’t want to be Friends with Christina cause they dated and broke up horribly.  This is Rivals, they’re gonna end up paired up.  Shooooooot!  I just realized that this means that they’re gonna be Rivals and OMGZ Who is gonna get paired up!?  OMGZ OMGZ…. Bananas and Sarah are gonna end up together. Ahhhhh OMG CAN I FAST FORWARD THE PLANE JUMP I WANT TO SEE WHO IS PAIRED UP.

Oh Nate is a wuss.  He doesn’t want to jump.  Please, does this mean he will get kicked off …. Or he’ll be up for elimination and eliminated first!

TJ LAVIN <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 BEST HOST EVER!

Rivals of the opposite sex… Yep learned that in the previews.

And the pairs are….

  • Camilla and…..Tony.
  • Johnny and Jessica. Yep… another who cares.
  • Vince and…. Jenna! ACK!  I LOVE JENNA.  This sucks for Jenna!
  • Kellyanne and Jamie will be a pretty strong team though.
  • Devin and Cheyenne… I’m okay with this pairing.
  • Nicole and Dario … Good they’ll be eliminated early hopefully.
  • Wes and…. Nany. This will be interesting because Nany follows Bananas and Wes doesn’t. This will be something.
  • Simone and Thomas. Really?  I Don’t even remember that Simone was on the Challenge before.  Ha ha.
  • Cory and Ashley… Oh Crap! I DID WATCH THIS REAL WORLD. And I completely forgot about her!!!!!  See this is why it’s fun to live brain vomit.  I learn new stuff.  This will be interesting!
  • Brandon and Briana. This is a who cares group….but he’s lucky he wasn’t with Christina.
  • Christina and…. Nate. This will also be a whatever group and they’ll be eliminated pretty early I’m sure.
  • Avery and Leroy… hm. I love Leroy so whatevs.  Go Leroy.
  • Bananas and Sarah OF COURSE. I LOVE Bananas and I’m sorry for this happening to him but this is probably the best pair.   And Sarah, you didn’t “outsmart” him – You were just a dick and did a dick move, not a “good competitor” move.

Yay the top 3 win money.

I love Jamie… DON’T FALL FOR SOMEONE ON THE SHOW!  You know it won’t work out and Ashley is a nutjob.  Don’t do it Jamie.  Don’t do it Jamie!


No Jamie NO!

And I’ve lost Jamie.  He went and had sex with Ashley.  Simone and Tony had a ridiculous fight… Oh it’s the Challenge at it’s finest!

Aww Johnny Bananas rubbing Icy Hot on Leroy.  Love.

And then the actual challenge.  A communication challenge and the ones who aren’t going to communicate are the ones that are going to fail… so there will be a lot of failures.

Big Surprise Jamie and Kellyanne did pretty well. Slightly surprised Thomas and simone did so well.

YAY JENNA and Vince, I’m glad they did better.  I doubted Vince, but maybe Vince will work harder this time.

Johnny and Sarah, this will be something.  I hope Johnny doesn’t screw himself because of his anger towards Sarah the whole challenge.  Hopefully this one got it out of his system.

I’m convinced that Jenna really isn’t stupid and that she just plays stupid on TV.  Because she’s just too great to be that dumb, she’s a great competitor to have made it to second place, not once…. But twice. Because people underestimate her because she’s dumb but she’s super strong.  Soooo I’m onto you Jenna!  You can’t be that dumb, you’re just a great actress.  Jenna is the only one who got all of them.  So proud.

Nominations and eliminations switch up every season.  But  I guess we have to wait until next week to continue.

Oh… The Challenge. I cannot cannot cannot wait.

And thus concludes the brain vomit for this weeks episode of the challenge.




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