Random thoughts on a Friday Night.

When I first thought about this I was like, ohh I could do a Flashback Friday.  But then I was thinking that I wanted to do a Movie Monday and try Selfie Sunday and Throwback Thursday and I’m no good at any of them so why try to start a flashback Friday until I can stick to at least one other thing.

I just wrote some boring three paragraph nonsense about how it’s hot, my wannabe air conditioner swamp cooler is broken and my management sucks and won’t fix it and went through 3 portable AC units and thought I was crazy until I realized that I think I had my unit on the wrong thing and it wasn’t cooling – it was just blowing air.  What a boring few paragraphs I just deleted away.

The other day I had some stuff to write and deleted that away too.  I forgot that’s why I stopped blogging, because I end up writing stuff and deleting it because I think it’s boring or uninteresting or whatever and then I just never update stuff.  So … I guess I need to write something even if it’s boring.

“The universe will provide”.  I know someone who is fully capable of being able to provide for herself… yet she doesn’t and just knows that the “universe will provide” for her.  I got to thinking about that one day and I was like, well – why do you expect the universe to constantly provide for you when there are other less capable people who need providing?  It’s like when people pray – don’t most people pray for help and not for money? Help me to do the things I need to do to get to where I need to be.  It’s like the Serenity Prayer – asking for the strength.  If you can provide for yourself, why rely on the universe to constantly be there to hold your head above water – sometimes you’re gonna need to hold your own head above the water.

I don’t think I can recall a time that I wanted to ask for substance so much as just direction – especially at times when I feel like I’m lost in some weird limbo.  Leave the universe to provide to those who really really need it and cannot physically or mentally provide otherwise.

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