Redboxin’ It! – The Green Inferno

Ahhh Eli Roth. I dug his stuff at first and then… and then…

2.5 out of 5 on Redbox.
35% Critic/32% Audience ratings on rotten tomatoes.
5.5 out of 10 on IMDB.

I always give Eli Roth movies a chance hoping upon all hope that it will be good again.


The first 35/40 minutes of the movie were pretty boring.  Okay great so some self righteous college kids want to make a difference by chaining themselves to trees at a construction site in the amazon to try and save the the tribe.  Of course it turns out to be self righteous. It’s always self righteous.

And of course they think they’re free but they aren’t … Eventually they crash and now you know something is going to happen.  We pretty much already know that the tribal villagers are going to be cannibals and basically try to kill them all.  We know that most of them are going to die, if not all of them.   There was some comedy relief in the crash, one of the guys dies because he stupidly decided to walk in front of the still spinning propellers.

A bunch of blood and guts and gore and weird stuff happen.  The main self righteous guy remains a dick.

The girl you know is going to escape escapes… and spoilers here – If some cannibalistic tribe did anything to me or people I knew like they did to her and the people she knew – There is no way I’d be like “oh yeah they saved me” to try and get the bulldozers from destroying their village.  Destroy them.  Destroy the cannibalistic tribe.


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