Redboxin’ it! – Trainwreck

I rented a series of movies from Redbox because it’s the weekend and I have no plans, well … my plans are typically to hang out alone with my cats…  First movie I chose to watch – Trainwreck.

I decided on Trainwreck because I like Judd Apatow and Bill Hader and I do not understand why the world is obsessed with Amy Schumer.  It’s not that I don’t like her, I just don’t know what everyone thinks is so great.  I figured I’d give Trainwreck a shot.

First, something I noticed on Redbox is that the people who write reviews on there are imbeciles…. Legitimately.
Redbox reviewers didn’t enjoy that you can’t make a comedy without drugs and alcohol and sex.  Then a lot of them just said it was awful – with no explanation.  I’ll give pretty much any movie a shot.

It got 3 out of 5 stars on Redbox.
6.4 out of 10 stars on IMDB.
85% Tomatometer and 68% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

I don’t have a scoring system…But I didn’t love the movie – I didn’t hate it.  It wasn’t a waste of my time or the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  I didn’t mind the sex (seeing as that was the point of the movie) or the alcohol and drug use (because it wasn’t actually all that prominent in the movie) and I wish people who rated movies and wrote reviews would give valid points for why it was such a waste and stop being so idiotic and snooty.

I adore Bill Hader.  I love Judd Apatow movies. I don’t understand why everyone loves Amy Schumer, so I figured I’d give this a chance – it’s only directed by Apatow, so it has a little of his flair but it was written by Schumer so it’s a little more her comedy then Apatows.

About 20 minutes in, I’d already decided that LeBron James and John Cena were probably the best part of this movie, with an honorable mention going to Daniel Radcliffe for being an awesome Dog Walker.  This never changed, I was a little sad John Cena disappeared early on and LaBron wasn’t in it as often.

I didn’t get the relationship with her sister/father.  I get that her father was a jerk and all and anti-love and the two sisters were totally different but their relationship just didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I also didn’t really get the conflicts between Amy and Aaron either.  Like, the fight happened because he was upset she left during his speech, when he really wanted/needed her there but it was her boss and her boss threatened her.  Seems like a legit enough reason to have escaped.  Now yeah, she clearly had a problem with drugs/alcohol and being a waste of space to an extent but it wasn’t like he tried to address it as an actual legit problem.

She was basically a train wreck because she didn’t have any responsibility for her actions or care about other people.

It actually wasn’t until toward the end of the movie that I started to get like meh about it – but I didn’t hate the movie, I didn’t love it and think it was the best ever, but there were some funny parts and it was overall an alright movie.  The ending scene was cute though, with the cheerleaders – though again, why did she have to drag out the dancing for so long?  We get the point.  But it was sweet.

Tilda Swinton wasn’t bad and Bill Hader wasn’t really bad either.  The story definitely lacked and could have used some writing from Judd Apatow. It doesn’t make me love Amy Schumer, I still don’t get it.

But… Yeah, the movie was kinda okay. If someone wants to watch it, I won’t be like “OMG Don’t DO IT” (The only movies that are that bad to me…. KIDS and A Clockwork Orange – it’s not that level) but it’s not one of those movies I’m going to watch every time I see it’s on TV (This is a huge list!) .

It’s like, hey if you wanna watch it – watch it.  and if the movie taught you anything, just care about people you like and don’t just be a jerk… and admit when you’re not okay.

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