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Brand New is a huge part of my history.  If my original site still excited and I could access all of the goodness that was on there, I would probably have a bunch of photos and stories from those days.  I hate that it’s lost on technology right now and I hope to one day fix it.   Tuesday, Brand New released a limited edition of their new album – first album since I moved to Los Angeles. I missed out.  Heartbroken.  I jumped the moment they had the regular stock up and available.

My brother shared a link about it on my Facebook.  I’ve seen a bunch of friends posting about it. A couple people liked my brothers post to me.  It’s so bizarre to me though. Brand New was my comfort in an otherwise miserable existence at the time.  Brand New saved me from myself and helped me pull myself out of the hole I was trapped in.  I have so many good memories of my time with Brand New and I’ll have a special place in my heart for always for them and I”ll always support them and buy their music and go to shows if I can.

But the “exclusive” nature of how they do things and the broad range of fans they have are weird, I guess.  I know Brand New isn’t my secret, I never wanted them to be and I was a huge advocate for making sure people heard of Brand New. I didn’t want them to be my own little secret amazing band.  But I don’t want to miss out on what they offer and the “exclusive” things mean that folks like myself who have been there since they played their first shows out of the tri-city area… might miss out on them. I sure as heck did Tuesday.  I saw it an hour after it was posted and it had been sold out for at least a half hour by then.   And then the broad range of fans is just… I guess I don’t know how to explain it.  For as much as Brand New gave me I feel like I’ve lost a lot of it too.  Because… growing up.  Because moving away.  Because…. those people who were some of my closest friends, I barely speak to anymore and know little to nothing about them anymore and I’d guess they don’t really know me anymore either.

So I love Brand New for all they gave me and yet I’m saddened by realizing all that I no longer have.

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