Something is real…

I went to the movies and saw Heaven is Real. While I’m not going to go on about religion or my beliefs or any such substance, I thought that, at the least, I would come out of the movie feeling…something.  Not so much. Aside from the fact that there was a lot of folks who were naturally noisy and this nice old man who talked to me throughout the movie, I just didn’t think the movie had much substance… interesting considering the context. The movie, which is  based on a book, is based on the true life account of a 4 year old boy who had a near death experience and was taken to heaven and had angels sing and met Jesus and met some other people.  The father, who happens to be a pastor, as well as all the other people then question things because well, this kid is either making it up or you don’t really believe or you just don’t know what to believe. I don’t know, the movie didn’t have any standard story telling arc.  There were ups and downs but not to the extent that I, as an audience member, felt drawn in to and felt like I was going through it with them.  Then everyone wanted to know about heaven and questioned if the kid was making it up. At the end, it just sorta ended without any real sense of fulfillment.

I don’t know what I expected really, not necessarily to believe it was real – I believe it probably was real to him and to the family. I guess I just wanted to have some sort of fulfillment. The only thing I got out of the movie was questioning my own sense of fulfillment. How some people have that career… or that relationship.. or their children.  I’m still searching for that sense of fulfillment and maybe that’s why the movie didn’t leave me with that sense. The movie is called “Heaven is Real” but it was more about the question of whether Heaven was real… and the question wasn’t answered. So, I am left high and dry without an answer and still unfulfilled… but I guess it wasn’t up to a movie to fulfill me.

I don’t know if any of that made sense. I’m tired.  I’m going to sleep.  Good night.

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