Ten Life Changing things… Debuzzedfeed.

Like many billions of other people who use the Internet, I read BuzzFeed and generally love it.  When I would get the DIY Newsletters that included the Ten Life-Changing things to try, I was super intrigued and interested and more than willing to maybe possibly give a few of them a try.  However lately, I don’t know whether it is because I am getting older and the writers on BuzzFeed staff younger or something else, but the 10 Life-Changing things to try have become so uninteresting, useless, and out of my league.

Just the other day they released the 10 Life-Changing things to try for April. No No No, Really?! Ugh No No No. This is pretty much my reaction to these “things”.  I guess my life won’t be life-changing this month and here is why…

Since I probably didn’t actually try any of these things due to lack of interest/lack of funds and nothing has actually been provided to me, I will not link the actual products, but will gladly link the BuzzFeed article where they will get the credit for linking the products. 

Things They Bought
(with their own money)

Reusable zip-top bags – $11.99 a bag. 

I often bring my own food to work and more often than not, the food is snacks.  Things that little zip-close bags are perfect to use.  So I like the concept of not using the disposable bags because yadda yadda environment.  However, did you know that Ziploc bags are recyclable?  They are! I don’t know about other brands but I know that I could go to the dollar store and pick up a pack of resealable bags and get a lot more for a lot less. I’m sure I could research if dollar store quality bags (or Target, or anywhere you can pick up some cheaper versions) are recyclable and if I’m so concerned about the environment I can make sure to keep them and recycle them.  This would save money and save the environment.

Sure you can reuse them and wash them but, well, $12 for one bag? If you’re one person and you only need one or two, maybe.  If you’re a family and want some for the kid(s) and everyone for work, I can see it getting pricey and I don’t know, as I get older and realize how expensive things are, I’m totally willing to cut corners.  I’d rather spend $5 on some cereal and $1 on bags that can be thrown in the recycle plastic bin once empty.

Did I click the link or Google it? No
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Maybe
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – Nope.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – Not in the least bit.

Squatty Potty – $25 – $65

Probably worth it. I’m not even going to bash this.  I saw the shark tank episode, I’ve been intrigued myself, especially when you have to do that at work, which no one wants to do anyway!  Probably life-changing, probably worth it.

Did I click the link or Google it? No, but that’s because I’ve researched it before.
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Of Course. 
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – Yep.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – Actually no, because frankly I have known about this product for a while, since it was on Shark Tank.  It’s kind of old news.

CitriStrip Paint and Varnish Remover – $8.97 (but I imagine this price depends on Taxes).

I am not really into refurbishing furniture.  I would have no use for this probably ever in my life.  Not life-changing for me, because if I bought it, it would sit in a drawer and never get used because I doubt anyone would ever even ask me if I had paint and/or varnish remover.  Maybe this would be life-changing for the group of people who have use for removing paint and varnish.

Did I click the link or Google it? No
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Probably not.
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – Doubtful.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – Not at all.

Shyp – $5

If you live in San Fran, Los Angeles, New York,  or Chicago (something this article failed to mention and is probably a useful tidbit since there are a bajillion other cities in the world) then you can download the App and for a $5 fee, give something to someone and have them do all the hassle of shipping it.  Currently, this is free for folks who use eBay until end of June.

The little BuzzFeed blurb talks about hating the post office (yes) and troubles with trying to package items and simply states for $5 you can ship something to someone else.  The little blurb fails to mention other details besides the limited cities where you can use it right now (Note: I am making a guess that the cities are for pick-up purposes, but since it seems they use regular postal delivery companies they can ship anywhere, but this is just a guess).  Now when I actually checked out the website I found a plethora of other information because at first I was thinking, gee, I don’t ship stuff too often but this would be a great service if I did – only $5!?

So it’s a $5, but you still have to pay for packaging (though it seems fees only apply to large and fragile items, though it doesn’t specify what exactly a large item is), which can cost $0 – $25.  Additionally, you still actually pay for shipping, which would be the lowest rate between postal services and up to $100 insurance is covered (though you can pay for more).  Essentially this product is a $5 fee to take the annoyances of packages and shipping products via the post office on your own.

Now, $5 might be worth it to some people, especially folks heavily into eCommerce.  Did you know that you can get boxes for free from the post office?  You can also print out shipping labels….. and even have them come pick up the package at your door.  This doesn’t cost $5.  But you can also schedule pickups with Fedex and UPS… also for free.  So I don’t know, I don’t know that the $5 fee would be worth it for me, but who knows.

If I shipped a lot, maybe.

Did I click the link or Google it? Yes.
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Maybe.
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – Doubtful.. but there is slight potential.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – I mean I inquired… but no not really, I’ll probably forget about it as soon as I step away from my computer.

Subscription YouTube Red – $9.99 monthly

Um…. So for $10 you can fall down into a spiral of YouTube video watching without ads.  Cool?  But I would rather NetFlix or read or something….  I have nothing more to say about this.

Did I click the link or Google it? No
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Uh… No.
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – I’m really not a YouTuber.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – What Product?  Who cares.

Sun Basket Meal Kit – $70/week for two people. 

I am single.  I cook for one person.  In a way, a two person meal kit would be great.  Except, I don’t spend $70 a week on groceries for myself, why would I spend $70 for 3 meals (though I guess 6 meals since I’m one person but then again this is only dinner and I’d still have to look into breakfast and lunch sooooo).

I love the concept of meal plans but they’re way out of my price range and do not cater at all to single people (or poor people) and I don’t think I’ll ever be a meal kit kind of person.

Did I click the link or Google it?  – Well Yes, but only because I was going to do a price analysis on how many meals $70 got you.
Do I think I might ever have use for it – Nope.
Would I spend $ on this product or similar – I’m probably never going to be a meal kit person.
Did knowing about this product even change my life – Definitely not life-changing.

Things They Learned
(Because young people don’t know stuff)

Bleaching White Laundry

When I was about, I don’t know maybe 11 or so, we got a new fancy schmancy washer and dryer. I was weirdly excited about doing laundry and have been doing laundry since then (though I hate living in an apartment where I have to pay for laundry and fight with other tenants to get the laundry and try to avoid it these days)… and I guess the whole thing is “not getting” bleach and definitely not wanting to bleach WHITE JEANS…. because Bleach is advanced and for like, white socks and underwear only.

It’s 2016.  There are SO many things on the internet that aren’t true but also a ton of stuff that is true and a lot of it super duper helpful.  I’m also almost 34 and been doing laundry for over 20 years.  The only thing to “get” about Bleach is, don’t pour it directly on anything unless it’s white and you’re okay with potentially ruining it.  In EVERY SINGLE Load of Laundry that I do, I start the water, let the tub fill up a little bit and then pour in a little bleach.  I wing it, but I would guess it’s never much more than a tablespoon?  I let the water mix it up and I put in my soap.  Let the water mix a little more and then I throw in my clothes – white, black, yellow, purple, they all get bleach water.  If you don’t use a lot and you make sure it’s mixed in – you can use bleach on everything.

I’m also pretty sure I’d never wear white jeans – but I’d definitely never wear white jeans I didn’t bleach first.

Did I learn something new? Heck No.
Will I use this technique in the future – I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember.
Did this change my life – It really makes me reconsider keeping up with BuzzFeed, because I guess I’m old.  Thanks BuzzFeed.

Keeping Bread in the Freezer

I’m going to direct quote this… “My mom has been putting bread in the freezer for years. I should’ve followed her example,”  Thanks again BuzzFeed for making me feel old.  My mom doesn’t like cold bread, so she doesn’t put it in the freezer.  My dad always did – I always did.  I keep the bread I’m currently eating in the fridge, I put the extra bread in the freezer.  It’s a smart thing to do… and apparently an old parents trick.

Did I learn something new? No.
Will I use this technique in the future – I’ve been an old fart like her mom my whole life apparently.
Did this change my life – BuzzFeed has successfully made me feel old again.

Things They Tried
(with someone else’s money)

Things they tried are things they were provided to review, so they didn’t have to fork over a dime.  Maybe they should consider other peoples dimes…. because these items would be life-changing, because I wouldn’t be able to afford my rent.

Apple iPhone Battery Case – $97.99. 

I like the concept of a battery case, but I have the iPhone 6 plus, which is hard enough to keep in your pocket because it doesn’t fit.  But I’m also a girl and I usually carry a purse so rather than a potentially ugly and potentially bulky and expensive ($100 for a phone case?  Ughhhhh I don’t make that kind of money)  I would rather use things like the great and adorable MimoPower from Mimoco.  I have a MimoPower Bot in the green bat design that I got from a Kickstarter so I don’t remember what it cost but from $25 – $60 plus shipping I’m sure, you can get a cute (Brand Named designed) external power drive – they have a Tube that would fit in your pocket.  I love the thing.  That, to me, was more life changing than this would ever be.

Verdict – Not life-changing, but get a MimoPower Bot or Tube.

Mars Speaker – $328.98 (I appreciated their lol comment here) 

It’s cool looking, I’ll give it that… but I don’t have that kind of money to even consider this in my life… and that’s all I have to say about that.

Verdict – If I were made of money, maybe.

Maybe they’ll be life-changing for you.  Go ahead and see for yourself.

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