The Start, not quite in the beginning, but a beginning is wherever you decide to start!

I’ve had a blog for a while now and I mostly just update it with my Instagram feed… honestly it’s not much different than my Facebook updates and it’s a heck of a lot better than my Twitter because I haven’t tweeted in years. I’ve been working on the computer a lot lately besides searching for jobs and working on digital art for my Redbubble store and when I’m not on the computer I’m usually doing something for my Storenvy or Etsy.  (Yeah shameless Self Promotion.  Isn’t that what having a blog is all about?).  So I figure it’s time to actually utilize my blog.  I’m starting to build an Artist Portfolio – though it’s frustrating because I’m still looking for a better photo gallery than what’s readily available.  Maybe I need to suck it up and join yet another Social Media site like Flickr or something.

Anyway, part of the reason I don’t write and update is because I never really know what to say.  It’s not like I can’t just write for hours about absolutely nothing but I don’t really want to write stories and stories either.  So I keep looking all over the Interwebs for “Day of the week” inspiration ideas for blog posts or even hashtags used that I can convert to this page.  It’s tough – there isn’t much available other than selfies, throwbacks, cats, alcohol, and fun times.  My idea of fun times is often hanging out with my sleepy kitties – obviously I post a ton of kitties and my selfies are mostly when I change up my hair. Kind of limits me. Here’s what I’ve found/come up with so far that I’m going to start now…

Sunday:  Still kind of empty.  Sunday starts… Sunday Snippets… Something about what the week ahead holds or what the week last week entailed?  Still not sure as I don’t want to do the whole Selfie Sunday every Sunday.  Ahh maybe Self Loathing Sunday…

Monday: Media Monday OR Mancrush Monday.  Since I’m such a geek for Movies and Bad Television and things like that I figured I could write about it on Monday.  and… or… cause I was thinking of a play on words and doing “sinema Sunday” as in Cinema but with an S for Sunday cause I’m totally clever… so I’d do Mancrush Monday because there’s about a bajillion people I have crushes on.

Tuesday: How to Tuesday, that’s all I got. I figure I could do a before or after of one of my digital pieces or something I made or am in progress of making.  I was even thinking about Recipes because everyone does so many family recipes and some people, like myself, are single and just one person that recipes for 4 or more people  just won’t work.

Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday – sticking to either my Instagram feed or just something cool that needs no words. Whatevs Wednesdays – Writing about whatever I feel like at the moment.  Words of Wisdom Wednesday – I love quotes so I feel like this would be a great place to throw it in.

Thursday:  Throwback Thursday.  I guess I’ll just have to jump on the bandwagon here.  Sadly I don’t have a lot of photos to do Throwback Thursday in photography so it might just end up being a Throwback to something cool like fashion or movies or books or some junk.

Friday: Friday Reads. Books.  Maybe a cool Article.  Something like that.  Books really are sometimes better because you can imagine everything the way you want and not the way that someone else imagined it.

Saturday: Of course I’ll leave a day dedicated to the most amazing boys in my life – Caturday.  I love my cats and I don’t know what I would ever do without them so they deserve a day because they’ll always have my heart.  Awww. Lame.  Wait did I just turn this into self loathing Sunday!?

Anyway – so that’s what to expect.  We’ll call this Sunday Snippets because it’s what is to come. I even set my phone calendar to remind me every day just in case I forget!

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