The struggle really is real…

The work week is exhausting… when you’re miserable.  I woke up, stay in bed till I absolutely have to get up, get dressed, feed my cats, eat some breakfast and head out on the road.   Sit in traffic till I get to work and then it’s a work day of… meh.  Annoyance.   Then I am free to drive home in more traffic, get home and feed my cats, take my shoes off and then become a couch potato with the rest of my night.   It’s not that I don’t have things to do or I don’t have the energy or desire to do things, it’s just a miserable day and I’m like ugh I just wanna rest.

So one might think when the weekend comes that I’d be all for going out and about.  Only… not.  The struggle is real… do I stay or do I go.  I wanna stay. I wanna go.  But I wanna stay.  Today, for instance is Saturday.  I woke up (at 5:30, thanks kitties).  Fed my cats some breakfast and read some of my book.  (The Wishkeeper)  Moved from the bed to the couch and finished my book (good one).  Then I watched a few TV Shows I was catching up on .. .but then it was decision time.  I have a ticket to go see an advanced screening tonight.  A movie for free in Hollywood.  A horror movie at that, My Favorite!

I keep telling myself I should go.  It’s a free movie.  I can take the metro down there and I already have money on my metro cards.  But… it’s first come first serve.  So I keep thinking, well what if I get down there and it’s too crowded and I won’t end up getting in.  If I had some money, I could just have dinner with myself instead or go to the movies instead but this costs money – money which I do not have to spare at the moment.   The idea is good and I think if I had some spending cash I wouldn’t even be hesitating as much… but without funds the struggle to actually go is very real

Instead I’ve been watching TV and movies in my PJ’s all day. It’s after 4pm on a Saturday.  I DO need to buy some cat food so I’m thinking a little later – when there aren’t random people I don’t know in Bikini’s grilling on the grill in the courtyard – I will take a walk to the grocery store and pick up a few things.  At least then I won’t have been a bump on a log alllll day.  Just most of it

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