Hollywood Fringe 2016

Since I had a press pass for Hollywood Fringe 2016 and I had never previously attended the Fringe… I decided to go all out and make the most of it! After an extensive process of judging each play based on the photo and brief description, I narrowed my plays down to 38.  A few circumstances changed and in the end, I attended a total of 35 plays.  Between starting a new full-time job, attending all of the plays and then my cat breaking my computer, writing all of the reviews took quite a bit of time and unfortunately I did not get all posted or published.

However, each play deserved a review and I felt awful about not being able to do it.  Below you will find links to each of the reviews I had published, that I was able to just put on the Fringe site and then the ones I just never was able to get to review before too much time passed and a brief blurb about it.  You can view my Hollywood Fringe page HERE.  If I do the Fringe again, I will certainly have to cut the plays I do by… A LOT.

Published Reviews

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Didn’t get the Chance to Review

  • The Last Astronaut
    • This show intrigued me because I used to live with a “struggling actor” and I was curious about the dog.  The show ended up not resonating with me personally at all but was semi-clever and witty – the dog was a man dressed up like a dog who had legitimate conversations with people and it was kind of odd.  Could have used some more work before it went on stage.
  • Julianne: Live from LA
    • This was a girl performing as an old washed up has been performer and she was actually quite hilarious.  I saw her last show and it was just as good as her first, I’m sure.
  • Toiley T. Paper
    • This was a Toilet Paper Roll puppet with some friends like Toothpaste cracking dirty and inappropriate jokes – Always a good time.
  • Serial Killers
    • This is an ongoing thing at Sacred Fools theater where people see snippets of plays and vote to let a show continue at the end of the evening.   Some of the Fringe plays came from Serial Killers.  Actually, I saw so many shows at Sacred Fools it almost made me want to become a part of the theater except no one seemed overly friendly or outgoing to have anyone join and I soon forgot about it.
  • Punch and Judy
    • A modern day dirty and hilariously inappropriate take on the classic Punch and Judy puppets – only performed by real people.  This was hands down one of the best shows I saw at Fringe and was so upset I didn’t have the chance to review it in time.   Special audience guest when I went was Pink.
  • Human Test Subjects
    • I really WANTED to enjoy the show.  I liked the concept of all female cast who had mental issues like anxiety and depression who were doing improv comedy.  But EVERY audience suggestion was about Donald Trump and it got old and boring fast.
  • The Prince’s Charming
    • I feel like this was a funny show, but not memorable enough.
  • Nick Paul – Fake Magic
    • A magic show, I was able to be audience participant.  It was fun.
  • Fairy Tales Against Humanity
    • This was essentially like Mad Libs in real life. After everyone fills in the story using audience suggestions, they perform it on stage.  I also got to be a participant and it was fun. I think I attributed “a place where people gather” as Canada.
  • Librarians Make the Best Killers
    • This was a great show from Serial Killers at Sacred Fools.  A librarian turned assassin.  Enough said.
  • Bump In The Night
    • This play had the potential to be great but just sort of never got there.  It was dark and the audience had things to “help” the cast along but it just didn’t bring the oomph that it needed and the story lacked a little.
  • Porn Rock
    • This was the bane of my existence and a topic I loved to write about when I was in school.  This is about the PMRC and how they created the “Parental Advisory” stickers that you now see on music albums.  This was part of the proceedings acted out.  You can watch the actual proceedings on YouTube, it’s a fascinating thing and was a fascinating time and I’ll always dislike Tipper Gore because of it.
  • Tribute to John Belushi
    • This was brilliantly done and acted and showcased the rise of John Belushi.  My understanding is that they cut my show (the last show) short and we didn’t see the fall of John Belushi.  He was a great comedian cut down too soon – just like this show.
  • Jonbenet Ramsey The Musical
    • A hilarious musical of the disaster that was and always will be the Jonbenet Ramsey case.  Poor girl.
  • Vintage Box
    • A show that paid homage and acted out three classic vintage shows – It was pretty great.
  • Happy Hour
    • 20 somethings at a bar having their own crisis while having friends and alcohol to get them through.  I didn’t relate, but the music was enjoyable.