To all the things I did not write….

In all of the years that I have had a blog, there have been many things that I have wanted to write. Sometimes it was an inspired piece about working in an awful job, searching to find your place, being single…and being okay.  Sometimes it was a babbling piece about the things that everyone is talking about already or something I’ve been watching on television.  Sometimes, it was just a piece that I was going to write about what I was thinking about.   Heck… I even started this piece already once… and never quite completed it.

For whatever reason, I don’t start the piece or I start it and don’t finish it and then I just don’t write because I wanted to write that one thing and I didn’t.  Many times I didn’t write because I had a cat on my lap and I couldn’t find a way to get my laptop and my cat to fit together… so I opted for the cat cuddles.  Other times, I was just too tired or too scatter brained or too something… to write.  Sometimes, like this very moment, I’m simply uncomfortable because my desk/chair/laptop combo is super uncomfortable and if I try to move to the couch I’ll get distracted by TV or cats or whatever.

So here is a goodbye to the things I wanted to write but for whatever reason, I didn’t.  This continues to keep me away. If I say goodbye and let the things I wanted to write, the reviews I still need to link and the whatever else’s that keep me from writing… maybe then I can start and just write what I want when I want regardless of finishing the thoughts that came before it.

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