Trivial Tuesday? Tribute Tuesday?

Today was supposed to be a “How to Tuesday” but sadly I’m uninspired.   Yesterday I was making all sorts of Graphics and then I heard that Robin Williams passed away and I just lost my umph.  Then, tonight I was trying to work on some more but I wanted to do a tribute piece to Robin Williams and I just hated everything I did and ended up losing my umph yet again.  It’s still so crazy – I’m still like “I can’t believe he’s gone”.   So I’m uninspired to show off a “How to” or even create one.  So I thought – well Trivial Tuesday or Tribute Tuesday – They could work!

I’m not going to ask a question – I’m just going to state a fact that maybe someone could use as Trivia… a piece of Trivial Information if you will!

Fact: It’s not easy being Orange… or Green!  Did you know that Oscar the Grouch started out as an Orange Grouch?

When he made an on screen debut as a Green Grouch on The Flip Wilson Show, he explained that he had vacationed at Swamp Mushy Muddy and there – the dampness had turned him green overnight.  Oscar actually claimed in 2003 that he was still orange underneath – he’s just covered in slime and mold and clearly he’s never taken a bath.  It makes perfect sense since he does live in Garbage Can.

Oscar has always been my favorite muppet.

Two trivia facts for ya!

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